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Google Analytics

by Angela Randolph, Client Relations Manager / 05-07-2014

What good is having Google Analytics if you’re not looking at them? Now more than ever we are able to see exactly who, what, where and how people are coming to our website. Marketing online is easier than ever before. Each dollar you put into your marketing efforts gets placed right in front of your target market, unlike broadcast television, newspapers and other antiquated media release avenues.

Google Analytics is the most well known, and one of the most user friendly. Don’t currently have Google Analytics or aren’t sure…good news is you can add the feature to your site at any point. Best of all, the basic features are free!

The data you will get out of using a platform like Google Analytics is invaluable. First and foremost, it can quickly tell you if your website is working properly. Are the page links directing to the content? Second, how are you visitors finding your website? Search filters will allow you to see whether visitors are “Googling” your business and with what specific key words, or they are finding a link to your site via referral links (back links from other websites or directories online) and any other form of traffic sources such as social media.

So, when visitors find your website, why are they there and what content are they seeking? What pages are they looking at and what is the time spent on each of those pages? When you dig deep into what pages are viewed the most, you can target your most important content in those areas. If visitors are not looking at the pages you would like, then perhaps it is time to rearrange the site structure or link “hot topic” items directly to the home page or through e-Newsletters.

All these simple answers can quickly help you decide what portions of your website you should spend marketing dollars and other ways your can increase your overall traffic.

Some basic Google terms regarding analytics:
• “Geo” Where in world are my viewers from?
• “Behavior” Are they a new visitor? How often do they visit? How long do they stay?
• “Technology” What browsers do my viewers use? Is my site compatible for them to see all

of my content?
• “Mobile” Is my website compatible with all mobile devices and platforms?
• “Acquisition” Where is my traffic coming from? (search engine, social media links, etc.)

Not sure if you have Google Analytics or want a crash course in how to use them, call us! We would love to walk you through how you can enhance your online presence to your target market.