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The Case for Case Studies

by Jill Bray, Multimedia Strategist / 08-06-2014

Hershey's® Ice Cream Video Case Study from Triscari on Vimeo.

You are a strong company or organization. Or at least you have the potential to be with the products or services you provide, but do your customers or clients truly understand how you can be their problem solving solution? Case Studies are powerful and cost effective advertisements to establish your credibility and build confidence in your target market.

Consider a Case Study your most multi-functional marketing tool. A Swiss Army Knife always available for your use in different situations. It's a testimonial to your success, part of a white paper, a sales handout at conferences or a one-time handout for your sales team. It can be a way for your salespeople to close a deal by showing you have the solution. It's a way to establish your company as a thought leader in your industry, and Case Studies please your customers. Their judgment is validated and their company gains recognition for sound decision making.

There are several ways to produce a Case Study that fits your company's needs. You and your employees know your business and your customers better than anyone else. You are an essential part of developing the copy and overall message you want to communicate.

Triscari is here to help!

For our first step in developing a powerful written message, we will interview key people at your company. This includes the marketing department, sales staff, and sometimes the technical staff.

The second step is to interview the key customer contact person. The ultimate goal is to convey the nature of the problem for which you are the solution. We will ask them about the number of people affected by the solution, cost restraints, prior solutions that did not succeed, how and when your solution was implemented, and about the success of your solution. Third, we will prepare a draft of the results of the interview and work with your company for necessary additions or corrections.

The last step to developing the Case Study copy is presenting it to you and your staff. This is the opportunity to have a complete understanding of the message your are going to present to your target market.

Once a solid script is complete, it's time for the video production process! We will meet with you and your team to develop a graphical concept to convey the Case Study message. During this process we will develop a basic storyboard outline to make sure the production is proceeding in the same direction as you.

Credibility is the name of the game. Find your key market and prove why you are the right choice in your industry. If you have more questions, call us at 717-975-3348 or email us at info@triscari.com.