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Ten Resolutions for Leaders & Managers

by Russ Schell, Media Solutions Advisor / 01-07-2015

It's a new year! And a great time to review your marketing strategies for 2015. We thought we would share what we believe to be the top 10 Marketing Resolutions for 2015. We hope it will help your business get that extra boost for this year! Good luck and welcome to 2015!

1. Think about, and write down, your goals. (Be specific.)

2. Study trends. Who are my current customers? Where might I find new ones? What do my customers seem to want/need the most?

3. In what ways can I improve customer engagement and satisfaction?

4. In past years what worked best, and what didn't work at all, in terms of finding and retaining customers?

5. Commit.

6. Do I have the right team in place? If not, how and when do I adjust?

7. What are my personal strengths? How can I make the most of them this year?

8. Lay out your calendar for 2015. Initiatives? Events? Campaigns? Plan them now.

9. Adjust your plans made last year but not your renewed commitment for this year.

10. Ask yourself these questions every day;
             a. What should I start doing?
             b. What should I stop doing?
             c. What should I continue doing?
             d. What should I do differently?