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Print is Not Dead!

by Angela Randolph, Client Relations Manager / 03-04-2015

With everything going digital, it's getting easier to stand out. Companies are relying more and more on digital messages. However, the result is also that there is less clutter in your mailbox competing for your business. So why not use this opportunity to your advantage?

Print can be used in more ways than you may think.

Print is a great form of media to drive traffic to your website. Also use it to drive customers and potential customers to your social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter. There you can personalize your business and communicate with your audience in a soft sell way. You can also use QR codes for special offers and events.

Anytime you want to market your business, always think multi-channel. Email marketing campaigns can easily flop without another channel to go along with them, particularly print. Print also allows you to narrow in on your target market. Mailing postcard pieces to a specific audience with not only make an impression, but may also be more cost effective than a general mass mailing or email blast.

Print is a constant reminder of your brand, keeping it in front of your customers and top of mind. While surfing the web, or reading an article in a top business journal, you can lose your audience in the blink of an eye. Your ad can disappear
from your customers’ screen, however, a print piece may
lie around for several days or even months causing them to look at it several times.

Stand out! Print is tangible. People still like the idea of holding and being able to touch things. So remember, if you want to stand out, add print to your marketing efforts.

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