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Six Reasons Why Google+ is Important for Your Business

by Jill Bray, Multimedia Strategist / 04-01-2015

Is your business on Google+? If no, then you need to learn how Google+ would benefit your online marketing efforts. There are more than 500 million Google+ users with an estimated 235 million being active. Those numbers are only expected to rise because Google strongly encourages searchers, Gmail users and YouTube subscribers to activate and engage on their platform. Google+ integration impacts all three facets of digital media (paid, owned and earned). If we as advertisers and marketers are not fully taking advantage of the integration between Google+ and the other Google platforms, then we are missing out on a valuable opportunity. So what are the specific benefits of Google+?

Paid Media

1. Google+ is a Social Extension

If you’re utilizing a Google Adword Campaign, Google+ acts as a social extension by linking your Google+ page with your campaign. This allows all Google+1’s to be properly linked with your Google page ads and searches. On average, search ads with annotations have a 5-10% higher click through rates. The social extensions also allow your Google+ follower count to appear within your ad.






Owned Media

2. Google+ Local Optimization
Small businesses can utilize Google+ Local to its advantage in online and mobile search results. Outside of allowing a local business to appear in the map search results, Google+ Local, along with publisher authentication, will cause a map to appear and a picture to appear next to a local business’ branded term.

The example here uses Triscari. The extra data will appear when users search for local businesses or stores from that city. This is a good example of how Google+ can positively impact local business.

3. Improved Site Indexation

Sharing new content through Google+ will allow that content to index faster within Google Searches. When Google first began, it was important for site owners to submit URLs for webpages to get indexed and display within the Google results. Today, Google+ is the new “Google Submit URL box.”

Earned Media

4. Latest Google+ Posts Appear in Google Searches
When you search for a brand, it will display the latest activity with that business’s verified Google+ page.

The example here uses MarketingLand.com, a large online Marketing community that produces content about the latest changes in Digital Marketing. You'll notice that the most recent posts appear underneath the brand name, allowing for improved post visibility outside of Google+.

5. YouTube and Google+ Integration
A brand or individual’s YouTube identity use to just live in YouTube, but because YouTube is now a Google product, they have moved over to a synchronous identity that stretches across YouTube and Google+. Your Google+ avatar and identity is now merged with YouTube. This integration creates a YouTube tab within your Google+ profile, and enables an auto-posting feature that allows you to automatically post your YouTube video to Google+ upon video upload. There are also some management advantages as it allows for advanced channel management through the Google+ page setup.

6. Search Engine Rankings
With all the elements listed above, having a Google+ Business Page will assist your Search Engine Rankings for your website, allowing more users to find your businesses.

Don’t miss out on this digital marketing opportunity. Google+ could be your missing piece to make your business not only succeed, but prosper past your expectations. And if you need help to develop a Google+ account, contact us to see how we can help!