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Marketing Renovations

by April Lebo, Director of Sales & Marketing at Trisonics / 08-05-2015

Before I get into our marketing efforts, I feel like I almost have to give some background on our company at Trisonics because we are such a unique company in a unique market. This distinctive market that we are in has required us to develop tailored marketing strategies to better reach our customers.

Currently located in Highspire, PA, Trisonics is a hands-on service provider in ultrasound systems for the Mid-Atlantic Region. What some people don’t know is that we also provide exceptional systems, parts and probe sales anywhere throughout the country. We recently became an authorized distributor for GE Healthcare in women’s health and urology for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Ohio. Our service team consists of our engineers that we have located in thirteen states throughout the Mid-Atlantic. To go along with our engineers, we have two Customer Relations Managers (CRM’s) who are out in the field interacting with customers and heading our sales efforts in addition to our Global Sales Specialist that handles all of our inside sales.

With the recent growth of our sales team, the importance of our marketing strategy has grown immensely. We have involved our engineers into our efforts in encouraging them to highlight our sales opportunities with their current customers who are currently using Trisonics for service. This has been an effective tool for us in that these engineers already have existing relationships with these customers and provide service to their ultrasound equipment on a regular basis. We primarily use printed materials for this area of business and have found that this traditional form of marketing has been an effective way for our engineers to lay out all of the benefits Trisonics has to offer. We are now proud to mention that we currently have been named on the Central Penn Business Journal’s list of the Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Central Pennsylvania!

In our unique market, we have found it an absolute necessity to develop relationships within the industry. One of the best ways we have found to do this is through trade shows. We have representatives attending trade shows all year long in fields including: OB/GYN, biotech, etc………..We see these shows as great opportunities for our company that allow us to network and build relationships with potential customers.

The one benefit of being in such a narrow market is the limited amount of media outlets available. What I mean by this is that there are only a few magazines and websites that deal directly with ultrasound, medical equipment, and the service of that equipment. We have been able to form relationships with these outlets and have been given the opportunity to advertise and create content for them knowing that it will be distributed to an audience that is directly invested in our area of business.

To go along with these efforts, there has been a realization that it is vital for us to adapt to today’s technology and how it applies to our marketing strategy. Triscari has been a great company to work with and help us along this path as they have taken over the hosting of our site along with helping us in SEO and site design. Since our new website launched, our leads have nearly doubled and the number of site visitors grew tremendously. Through all of this, we have seen the growing importance of an optimized web presence with engaging content throughout all of our company’s outlets.

As Director of Sales and Marketing, I constantly see the benefits of dealing with a company like Triscari. The relationship that we have established with their staff has been a tremendous asset to us both personally and as a business. Another avenue that we have turned to them for is the development of a mobile app. This app will allow our customers to interact with Trisonics and get equipment pricing right from the palm of their hand. We are trying to stay ahead of our competition and make Trisonics the go-to company within the ultrasound industry! We are very lucky to have Triscari alongside of us, helping us achieve this mission.

Through all the ups and downs we have seen in our marketing efforts, I think the greatest thing to take away is the value of relationships and listening to your customers. Our business (like most) is entirely based on building relationships, we will not be successful if we are not building healthy relationships with both our customers and potential clients. Once we establish those relationships, it is our job to listen to what those customers need and provide that to them through both our services and marketing efforts.