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Building Trust in Business

by Sebastian G.Z. Triscari, CEO and President / 01-06-2016

The definition of trust and the definition of good business are synonymous: “A firm belief in the relationship, truth, ability or strength of someone or something.”

The second part of the definition explains the reason for speed: “Acceptance of the truth of the statement without evidence or investigation.”

Good business, in a capitalistic society, is the ability to trust in the value exchanged in the open marketplace.

The trust between a business and its employees is a vital link to success. The trust between a business’ brand outreach and its customer base is survival!
There are two ways to look at trust in business: one view is as an empty bank where a deposit is made when something good happens. The second view is that you start with a full account, and withdrawals are made any time there is an inconsistency between your truth and what becomes real. Today, because of a hard-to-trust marketplace, valued relationships are more important than ever. The Core Values of a company, how long they've been in business, and the people they hire are excellent indicators as to how quickly they can solve your problem bring you long-term solutions now and into the future. Time—in this increasingly accelerated marketplace—is money. A good way to move quickly and safely into the future is with employees, vendors, customers, and businesses that have trust in each other.

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