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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

by Jill Bray, Multimedia Strategist / 04-06-2016


“A Picture is worth a thousand words.” It’s a phrase we’ve all heard. But how true is it? The fact is professional photography can do much more for your business or organization than you may realize. Let’s talk about five ways professional photography can benefit your brand.

1. Stand Out

 These days quality photography is widely available to anyone with a computer, but stock photography can only do so much. If you go to a tradeshow or flip through a magazine, you’re bound to see “business professionals” shaking hands or happy families with cheesy smiles enjoying the product being advertised. But using images that were not directly taken for your business or organization diminishes the authenticity of your brand. By having professional photography of your unique location or product, you will authentically show why your business or organization is worth choosing over your competitors.

2. Show Them What You Do

At first glance, potential customers connect visually with your business or organization. Your imagery will prove that you’re a business or organization with real people with real products or services. If you’re a restaurant, promote your succulent best dishes. If you’re building contractor, showcase the end result of your best houses. If you’re a doctor’s office, show your real doctors and staff to build a trusting relationship with potential patients. Real photography and visual branding will help your customers better understand your marketing message.

3. Put a Face to the Name

Personalize your business or organization. If you’re a small business owner or a point of contact for the customer, a professional headshot will add authenticity and humanize your marketing efforts. Headshots can be used for several different media outputs such as LinkedIn profiles, your website, or even on business cards and mailers.

4. Evoke an Emotional Response

People are naturally visual and emotional. By evoking an emotional connection or response with your marketing message, your audience will more readily remember your brand and how it makes them feel. Moreover, now that spring is here, the blooming of trees and flowers makes everyone’s business location look especially beautiful. Now is the time to capture the magic and emotion of the season so you have these photos for your website and printed media year-round.

5. Wise Investment

When shot well and properly enhanced, you can maximize the investment you made in professional photography by using the images on social media, websites, blog posts, brochures, ads, webinars, presentations, newsletters and more. Best of all, it may be more affordable than you think! Triscari can scale any photography project to fit within a reasonable budget.

Spring is here, flowers are blooming, and people are happier. It’s the perfect season to invest in professional photography for your business or organization. Don’t wait! Contact us today for a free quote!