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Benefits of Demonstration Videos

by Candace Livingston / 02-13-2017

As technology continues to evolve, verbal communication is becoming less inviting. From classrooms, lectures and videos, everyone has different ways of learning; however, 65 percent of people are visual learners1. More specifically, demonstration videos have been growing, not only in classrooms, but also in the business and marketing field. Since demonstration videos are becoming more popular, here are a few benefits of them.

1. Visual representation

Videos in general give a visual representation of what you are learning, but demonstration videos create more interest. They give viewers an insight on the “behind the scenes” process and allows viewers to grasp a better understanding of the information you are trying to teach. 

2. Similar to hands-on learning

When watching a demonstration video, it presents us with concept and jargon clarification, where text would not display otherwise. Sure, definitions could precede, however, the brain processes videos 60 thousand times faster than text2. Therefore, the misunderstanding of text is avoided.

3. Longer attention span

Because the brain processes videos faster than text, it means that a person’s attention span increases. The average length of watching a video is 2.7 minutes compared to reading, which is less than one minute3. This makes for a more steady flow of interest from viewers compared to plain text.

Businesses that market through demonstration videos have a higher chance of engaging their consumers compared to businesses that only market through text. If your business has an idea to demonstrate, contact us today!


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