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Six Myths of Marketing

by Candace Livingston / 03-17-2017

We have all heard or read something believed to be true until someone says the popular phrase, “that’s just a myth”. We don’t realize that certain actions could have been taken to help change what was holding us back, especially when it comes to your company’s growth. There are always ways to enhance your company’s marketing techniques. With that in mind, here are six marketing myths and the facts that can actually help your company rather than hurt it:    


Myth 1: Professional video is too expensive.

Fact: Many companies stay clear of the concept “video” because they believe that video marketing and production are too expensive. However, those companies do not always realize that they can typically decide the length of the video, motion graphics to include, etc., allowing them to control the cost the project. Also, the return on investment continues to prove the value of professional video marketing.


Myth 2: Professional videos are unnecessary.

Fact: Videos show creativity, and creativity gives consumers an insight into how passionate you are about your company. Unprofessional videos tell consumers how unenthusiastic you are about the work that you do. Professional videos give companies value, as they keep consumers’ attention spans longer, compared to videos recorded with a smartphone or other handheld device.


Myth 3: There is no need for a call-to-action.

Fact: Your consumers are interested in purchasing your product or service. That’s great! However, what if they have no direction on how to purchase that product or service? When companies lack a call-to-action, they lose potential business. Therefore, creating a call-to-action within your company’s marketing strategy is very important. “Call now!” “Contact us today!” “Buy Here!”


Myth 4: My website does not need to be mobile friendly.

Fact: Technology has created a world right at your fingertips, literally. Smart phones, tablets and other handheld devices allow us to not only call, text and take photos, but also give us the ability to explore the Internet. Without a mobile-enabled website, you are losing business that could have taken your company to the next level.


Myth 5: Social media does not count as marketing.

Fact: Social media is one of the most effective marketing tools for companies. In fact, 92% of marketers credit social media for a majority of their company’s exposure. Due to the fact that social media usage increases daily, companies that utilize social media marketing may have a better chance of selling their products on a day-to-day basis. 


Myth 6: Social media is only for personal use.

Fact: Have you ever “liked” or “followed” pages through Facebook and Twitter? It is likely that a majority of these pages are companies or brands. Social media marketing is key when engaging with social media-savvy individuals (78% of Americans). This percentage continues to grow where some individuals are introduced to today’s way of connecting and others continue to adapt to it.


Many people believe what they hear, but after knowing and understanding that marketing myths are myths, companies will better understand how to enhance their marketing strategies. So before your company decides to shut down a certain marketing idea, give the ideas a second thought.

Want to break out of some of these myths? Contact us today to find out what you can do to make your company brand continue to grow.


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