Marketing & Design Services


For over 30 years, organizations and businesses within south central Pennsylvania have known Triscari as a leader in providing superior multi-media production and adult education/HR consulting. What they often don’t know, however, is that Triscari has a very successful record of helping local, state and national organizations market their services and products through the combination of great creative, sound strategies and outstanding production.

This is what makes Triscari unique—the creative and planning abilities of an advertising agency combined with powerful communication tools of a production house on the edge of current technology.

Triscari possesses extensive experience in creating entertaining and effective campaigns. From concept to completion our services include conducting research; establishing methods and goals; developing content and scriptwriting; casting and directing talent; shooting and selecting video or still images; placing media; 2-D and 3-D animation; non-linear editing; duplication and distribution. Over the past 30 years, Triscari has produced commercials for broadcast television and radio; short marketing promotional videos; longer-format educational programs and interactive media, such as interactive CDs, DVDs, websites, print materials, fund raising for Capital campaigns, changing the publics perception about an organization or to raise public awareness.

Social Media Marketing

photo-1431578500526-4d9613015464-resized Social Media is a continually evolving realm with a high potential for business communications. Not only is it a great source of communication for your business and your followers, but it also builds your search engine optimization and online presence.

It may however be a little overwhelming to get started. Triscari will help your business build the foundations with the top performing social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, and YouTube).

We will work with you to teach you how to create successful content, timely posting, and how to monitor by answering with appropriate responses. This is valuable information to learn how to build brand loyalty for your business. Don’t be the last one on board; ask us for more information how we can help build your social media presence!

Printing Services

photo-1431578500526-4d9613015464-resized If your business is searching for print material and graphics look no further than Triscari. From giant billboards that line our interstates to small educational handouts, the Triscari Group can deliver top quality products. We also specialize in logos, poster ads and custom stationary. Call or email us for a quote.


photo-1431578500526-4d9613015464-resized Are you looking for professional photos to amplify the look and feel of your brand or business? Triscari has a team of expert photographers who have an eye to capture images that will portray the message you want to display to your targeted audience. We will provide you with digital and/or print photos and the rights to the files. Ask for a quote today!

Event Support

photo-1431578500526-4d9613015464-resized Triscari will provide your event with a live A/V support team to make your program run smoothly and efficiently. We will provide all the necessary equipment and adjust to work within any space provided. Whether it's simply audio or a live video feed, Triscari will work with you to develop a professional production that will enhance your brand or business' reputation.